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About Us

We are a corporate training centre providing advanced English training. The courses we conduct are as follows:

  • Public speaking booster course (group – bigger group)

  • Public speaking booster course (group – smaller group)

  • Public speaking booster course (individual one-on-one)

  • Debating & art of reasoning booster course (group)

  • Word building booster course (group)

  • Writing booster course (group)

  • Limited June and December holiday camps for older students (Upper Secondary & Junior College) to allow students to also benefit from the courses

  • We also run customised internal corporate training program and team bonding event


That means we train end to end, from word building, writing, public speaking, all the way to debating. It is probably also worth mentioning here that we have set aside many time slots for the individual public speaking course to ensure that we cater sufficiently to participants who prefer private individual sessions.

Our courses are for practitioners, by practitioners.  That means we are completely result oriented.  All participants can expect hard-nosed practical training meant to ensure that by the time they leave the training hall, they are much better than when they first enter the hall.  

Our booster courses are designed to remove your fear, boost your confidence, boost your knowledge, boost your exposure, boost your word power, boost your writing power, boost your speaking power and your reasoning and persuasive power.

Very importantly, we have a dedicated public speaking training hall to conduct these courses.  Participants will learn and practise in a safe, conducive and comfortable environment.

Last but not least, we would also like to mention a very special feature in our public speaking courses – we do actual live demonstration during the course. That means we walk the talk and show our participants the ropes of public speaking.

With that, we would like to welcome you to our centre and help you start your journey of self discovery. Step by step, you will reach your destination.

We hope to see you soon. Book your course with our hassle free online system now!


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Our ethos are embodied in our name “ELITAN” which stands for:

  • Knowledge

  • Curiosity

  • Intuitiveness

  • Inventiveness

  • Excellence

Our Core Values

  • We believe everyone is special

  • We believe everyone is precious

  • We believe everyone has potential

  • We believe you can re-imagine, re-invent, re-create yourself

  • We believe you can be the very best of yourself

Our MissionFor those who have not found your voice, we hope we can help you find your voice. For those who have found your voice, we hope we can help you touch the sky.

Tan Boon Kok @ Sin Boon Kok | Founder & Managing Director


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