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About Us

We are a training centre providing advanced English and bilingual courses.

  • Public speaking booster course for adults/corporates (group)

  • Public speaking booster course for students (group)

  • Public speaking booster course (individual adult/student)

  • Debating & art of reasoning booster course (group/individual)

  • Word building booster course (group/individual)

  • Writing booster course (group/individual)

  • June / December holiday camps for students 

  • Customised internal corporate training program and team bonding event


Browse our courses and start the journey with us!

Our ethos are embodied in our name “ELITAN” which stands for:

  • Knowledge

  • Curiosity

  • Intuitiveness

  • Inventiveness

  • Excellence

Our Core Values

  • We believe everyone is special

  • We believe everyone is precious

  • We believe everyone has potential

  • We believe everyone can re-imagine, re-invent, re-create herself/himself

  • We believe everyone can be the very best of herself/himself

Our MissionFor those who have not found your voice, we hope we can help you find your voice. For those who have found your voice, we hope we can help you touch the sky.

Tan Boon Kok @ Sin Boon Kok | Founder & Managing Director


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